ABC extension to deliver Ghost Train Fire files

ABC wants to ensure sources in Exposed doco are protected when it hands over remaining files to NSW Police.

ABC has been given an extension of June 21 to surrender files related to its Exposed: Ghost Train Fire documentary to NSW Police.

The Australian reports State Coroner Teresa O’Sullivan and Premier Gladys Berejiklian have been putting pressure on police to indicate whether a fresh inquiry should be launched into the 1979 disaster, in which six children and a father lost their lives.

“I’ve got the coroner asking me, ‘Does she need to hold a new inquest?’ I’ve got the Premier asking me, ‘Do we need a specially commissioned inquiry?” NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said.

“I need all of the information the ABC has to make a proper ­assessment on that, and I expect that will all be provided ­unedited.”

In a statement ABC said, “The ABC wants justice to be served for the victims of the 1979 Luna Park fire and their families, as investigative series Exposed: The Ghost Train Fire makes clear.

“The ABC is cooperating fully with the NSW Coroner and NSW Police reviews regarding the fire. The ABC has not breached an order from the Coroner. Any suggestion otherwise is unfounded.”

But it did note, “The ABC is concerned to ensure that confidential sources in the Exposed investigation are protected.”

The ABC is meeting with NSW Police to determine how best to proceed with production of remaining relevant material.

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