AFL secures Seven another ratings week

Ratings: Bumper shares on Friday & Saturday decide a tight week between Nine & Seven.

It was a tight week between Nine and Seven but AFL delivered huge Friday & Saturday shares to Seven.

Seven drew a whopping 37.4% share on Saturday -while ABC continues to struggle with a night it has traditionally performed.

In entertainment Lego Masters ramped up towards its finale, with Have You Been Paying Attention? hot on its heels.

Seven: 30.0
Nine: 27.2
10: 19.1
ABC: 15.5
SBS: 8.3

Primary channel:
Seven: 20.2
Nine: 18.8
10: 11.9
ABC: 10.8
SBS: 4.9

7mate: 4.2
10 BOLD: 3.8
7TWO: 3.6
10 Peach: 2.8
9GEM / 9GO! / ABC TV Plus: 2.4
9Life: 2.3
7flix / ABC News: 1.9
9RUSH: 1.3
SBS Food: 1.0
SBS World Movies: 0.8
10 Shake: 0.6
ABC ME: 0.4
NITV: 0.1

Seven won 16-39 and 25-54 demos

Seven led on Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Nine won Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

Seven won Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth. Nine claimed Sydney & Brissy.

Best brands last week were:

Seven: Seven News (1.03m), Big Brother (Mon: 638,000), Seven’s AFL (Fri: 551,000) and Home & Away (548,000).

Nine: Nine News (931,000), Lego Masters (Sun: 772,000), A Current Affair (675,000) and Travel Guides (631,000).

10: Have You Been Paying Attention? (750,000), MasterChef Australia (Mon: 623,000), The Project (7pm: 436,000) and 10 News First (350,000).

ABC: Hard Quiz (636,000), ABC News (Sun: 618,000), 7:30 (547,000) and Spicks & Specks (499,000).

SBS: The World’s Greatest Bridges (236,000), Who Do You Think You Are? (235,000), See What You Made Me Do (212,000) and History of Britain (208,000).

Infograph supplied by Nine:

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  1. To make comparisons fair, since 2012 (when Seven got Saturday AFL back from 10) I could swear that for a number of years Nine were able to remain competitive with Seven on Saturday nights, helped by their programming not being different in markets. Some nights would be low like 12% main channel, but others would be very close if say Channel 7 didn’t do as well and were under 20%.

    But I guess that was when movies were still doing 300-600k metro at least at 7pm (and 2012 still had Funniest Home Videos earlier). Also, 9Go! used to be huge on Saturdays, regularly doing 6-7% shares (also movies).

    But yeah in recent years, especially the last few, Nine have particularly struggled on Saturdays (apart from that Attenborough series a year or two back). At least they’re not at 10 levels.

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