Airdate: Darklands

Irish thriller Darklands gets its Free to Air premiere on SBS on Monday.

This has previously screened at SBS on Demand.

Darklands is a six-part crime drama series set on the outskirts of Dublin amidst a violent gang war between two rival crews, The Hill Crew and The Keegan’s. Damien Dunne, our protagonist is a young man who aspires to be a professional MMA fighter. Damien wants to fight in the cage not on the streets but brother Wesley’s involvement with The Hill Crew drags him into the world he’s trying to avoid.

Episode One:
Damien Dunne is dreaming about his upcoming MMA fight. He’s awoken by his younger sister, Laura pointing a gun at him. Damien grabs the gun and returns it to his older brother Wesley, a member of one of the local drug gangs, The Hill Crew.

10:50pm Monday on SBS.

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