Airdate: Taken Down

Irish crime thriller gets a late night broadcast at SBS.

Set your PVR if you want to see Irish crime thriller, Taken Down.

In English and Nigerian with English subtitles, this is a 6 part series which screened last year at SBS on Demand.

Episode One:
Esme Lukasa, a Nigerian girl, is found dead at a bus stop outside a Direct Provision Centre for asylum seekers. A team of detectives, led by Inspector Jen Rooney, begin an investigation into the refugee centre where the victim lived, Tension and mistreatment arise between the police and the refugees. Caught up in the investigation are Wayne, the centre’s manager who reveals a second girl, Flora, is missing, and Abeni, the victim’s neighbour whose teenage son Isaiah was a close friend of Esme’s.

12am Wednesday (midnight Tuesday) on SBS.

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