Australian Story: May 10

ABC concludes its profile of the Olsen art dynasty.

On Monday Australian Story concludes its profile of the Olsen art dynasty.

This is again introduced by comedian and TV presenter Tim Ross.

Concluding the inside look at one of Australia’s greatest artistic dynasties, the Olsen family.

John Olsen is one of Australia’s most successful and acclaimed painters. At 93, he still heads into his studio every day to paint.

But while John became the “darling” of the art world, and each award celebrated his genius, his “obsession” with work also often cast a long shadow on parts of his family.

In this episode, trouble emerges from another side of the family that leaves John Olsen reeling…and leads all the way to the Supreme Court.

This two-part Australian Story explores the complex price of success and fame.

8pm Monday on ABC.

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