Bert all smiles with grandson

Great to see TV legend Bert Newton is on the mend after news of a leg amputation this week.

Patti Newton posted a picture of Bert, 82, on Instagram with grandson Alby, not 82….

“Thank you everyone for your prayers and beautiful words. Think Alby has stolen Bert’s hair (piece!)” she wrote.

“He got through the operation, it was huge,” she said earlier this week. “It was a very big day for everybody. It was needed and he had a choice and his choice was to live.

“He had to go through all this and he has the support of all his family. We have gathered around him a lot and it’s mainly for the grandchildren because he wants to watch them grow.

“He’s in really good spirits. He’s got a big journey ahead of him, as we all have. But you know Bert, onward and upward. I’m sure he will be fine, we are hoping anyway. It’s early days, so we just have to take it a day at a time.”

Get well soon Bert!

Source: Nine


  1. daveinprogress

    Looks like the legendary Moon Face has a little Moon Face in the family! Good to see him here. A couple of generations of Aussies are willing Bert’s recovery onwards and upwards. He has provided so many laughs and smiles for so long.

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