1. TheMighty_SC

    I watched the final 35 minutes of Bohemian Rhapsody on 9now & it was a fantastic film. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to watch that film being released in cinemas (as i was very busy with exams & practicum work). The late Freddie Mercury would be very proud of this film.

  2. Its funny though how just a few years ago, ratings like these were shows being cancelled and now 583k is seen as great. I know the times has changed a bit with streaming and such but its a pretty low night of television.

  3. Aussiecam58

    From the promos l dont think its going to do all that well. Madga just does not have that mean factor in my view. Mind you l could be wrong.

  4. Cathode Ray

    I didn’t watch the Queen movie on 9 but aside the fact it rated pretty well I can’t help feel that 9 should have had TWL on at 7.30 , all that advertising then pulled till next Tuesday at after 9PM , I’m afraid the horse 🐴 has bolted and it will probably flop ,though I have been wrong before 🤔.

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