China Tonight: June 1

ABC News series begins with the latest news from China, plus the comedy scene and population crisis.

Over the next six weeks, Stan Grant and Yvonne Yong present China Tonight, a fresh look at news and current affairs from inside China.

In next Tuesday’s first episode, Stan will be joined by a special guest, Yvonne will bring viewers the latest news from inside China, Annie Louey checks out China’s stand-up comedy scene and the show takes a close look at country’s population crisis.

In the lead up to the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, China Tonight will go beyond the headlines of trade and politics and examine the country’s challenges and triumphs, making sense of the people, the history and the ambition.

Each week guest contributors including comedian Annie Louey, TV presenter and video game critic Angharad Yeo, writer Jinghua Qian, reporter Samuel Yang, and journalist Wenlei Ma will bring fresh insights of life within China. From video gaming and the falling birth-rate; the property boom and the me-too movement; to men’s cosmetics and what’s currently trending on Weibo – the show will present the full complexity of modern China to an Australian audience.

Also available from Tuesday 1 June, China, If You’re Listening is a podcast about how the relationship between Australia and China came to the verge of collapse. Matt Bevan explores the fascinating story of why a rising superpower decided to make an example out of Australia and is available on the ABC listen app or wherever you get your podcasts.

8pm Tuesday 1 June at 8pm on ABC News (10:30pm ABC),

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