Delegations at Eurovision awaiting COVID test results

A member of the Polish delegation participating at the Eurovision Song Contest has been the subject of a positive COVID test.

All members of the delegation went into lockdown and awaited test results, but organisers confirm the remaining members have come back negative.

Earlier the lead singer of Ukraine’s band Go_A, Kateryna Pavlenko, felt unwell and awaited test results which also came back negative. Another singer stepped in for a rehearsal.

As a precaution the Polish delegation will now remain in quarantine until being re-tested ahead of dress rehearsals for the Second Semi-Final, in which Poland perform.

Following a positive COVID-19 test within the Icelandic delegation, they too have had tests which are awaiting results and will remain in quarantine.

They will also have further testing ahead of the same dress rehearsals in which they are also due to perform.

All accredited individuals, including artists, have to test negative for COVID-19 before they can re-join the production.

The delegations from Malta and Romania have not tested positive for COVID-19 and are not quarantining but, due to the fact they are staying in the same hotel as Poland and Iceland, did not take part in a Turquoise Carpet event with media and were also tested as a safety precaution.

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