Eurovision 2021: How Australia really scored

It's not pretty for Montaigne and Australia.

It was a case of out of mind, out of sight for Australia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Australia scored just 2 points in the televoting for Semi Final 1 -the lowest in its Final.

Russia and Ukraine gave Australia a solitary point each. That compares to Ukraine (164), Malta (151) and Lithuania (137) in televoting in the same semi final.

Thanks to a full 12 points from Ukraine’s jury Montaigne didn’t finish last in her semi. Australia’s total 28 points was just ahead of North Macedonia (23) and Ireland (20).

Of course as we know United Kingdom, which automatically qualified for the Final due to backing the event, drew 0 points from both the juries and televoting. Ouch.

Spain, Germany and Netherlands also suffered the ignominy of 0 televoting points.

Montaigne’s fate was seemingly sealed with the decision to not attend in Europe. It was just impossible to compete with Rotterdam staging. After being unable to attend in both 2020 and 2021 you have to feel for this young singer, doubtless destined for good things ahead.

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  1. It’s a bit too easy to blame it all on the live-to-tape performance. Does anyone seriously think a live performance would have fared any better? Simple fact is the song was a poor choice and was judged accordingly.

  2. I predict we will hear that Ukraine’s 12 votes were an accident and they thought they were putting us last. its happened before.

    It was a eurovision to forget. Australia has sent some good acts in the past but i don’t think we have ever sent one that really got into the campy kitsch eurovision feel. That’s what we need to redeem ourselves, hopefully next year.

    1. I really dislike “I don’t like something, so no one can enjoy it attitude”.
      It puts people in jobs and gives musicians a platform, here and overseas.
      You can also have a nice sleep in and completely bypass it.

      1. I have watched it in the past, and that’s where it belongs. I just think that the limited resources of SBS would be better spent elsewhere which will still provide people with jobs etc…

  3. I understand the non-attending, i mean some of the contestants or guests (Duncan Laurence) contracted COVID so that i get but the song was just all wrong for Eurovision. Last years song was much stronger and got way more attention. It definitely grew on me but you can’t have that at Eurovision. It has to pop from the start. Also i believe if we were in the second semi-final we may have faired much better. We were in probably in one of the strongest semi-finals i’ve seen at Eurovision in recent times. Hopefully our entrant for next year will be stronger. As we only officially have 2 more years in the contest (unless extended) I want to see someone new get the opportunity instead of all this talk of Dami going back. Don’t get me wrong, i love her but others deserve an opportunity. I also wish SBS would bring back Sam and Julia. They were so much better.

  4. I was more shocked to find SBS added extra commercials to their live broadcast and were out of sync with Europe, which seems suss with the voting process and lines supposedly closing.

    1. I totally agree about all this frigging commercials. Every three or four songs, along would come another batch of them…..at one stage it was every second song. In the end I jumped onto On Demand, just to cut out as many ads as possible. Shame on you SBS for doing that.

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