Gardening Australia: May 14

This week on Gardening Australia Costa is in the Southern Highlands, Jane arranges flowers and Tino has tips to avoid soil disease.

Bold & the Beautiful: Costa Georgiadis
Costa visits an historic estate in the Southern Highlands that is being managed as an organic garden.

Remnant Rail Reserves: Millie Ross
Millie visits a tiny patch of land tucked in beside a railway line that is home to many tiny treasures it’s like a pocket-sized national park!

Fabulous Figs: Jerry Coleby-Williams
Jerry shares his love of figs, exploring the wide range of plants that fit into this fascinating family.

Flowers 101: Jane Edmanson
Jane looks at the many forms of flowers and how differently they can be arranged on a stem.

Mr Fix It: Guest presenter Luke Mitchell gets creative as he repairs broken and cracked pots.

My Garden Path:
We meet an artist who aims to inspire others through her eco-friendly illustrations.

Tino Carnevale shows how to reduce the risk of spreading soil disease, Sophie Thomson shares her
tips for protecting summer crops from frost, and Josh Byrne looks at the benefits of raised beds.

Production credit: Gill Lomas, Executive Producer

7:30pm Friday on ABC.

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