Italy wins Eurovision 2021

Italian rockers Måneskin have taken out the win in Rotterdam with Zitti E Buoni.

Italy has won the Eurovision Song Contest for 2021, with their song Zitti E Buoni.

Måneskin scored 524 points defeating France, Switzerland and Iceland. It marks the third time Italy has won.

“We just want to say to Europe, to the whole world, rock & roll never dies!” they declared.

Rotterdam turned on a spectacular show after the 2020 event was cancelled.

Australia’s Jury gave 12 points to Malta, announced by co-host Joel Creasey (below). Alas, Montaigne did not proceed through the first Semi Final after being unable to travel to the Netherlands.

United Kingdom finished last once again on zero. Three of the Big 5 (UK, Germany, Spain) and host nation drew zero public votes.

Switzerland won the Jury vote.



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    1. Maybe… but a song of optimism and hope might could also have won. I never attribute a single factor as deciding the winner. A rock song is easily remembered amongst pop, then there is staging, where the song is place in the line-up, an unknown “X factor” etc.

    1. Was gold, as was the kinder reaction by the crowd in attendance. The only other time the UK has got zero votes was after they invaded Iraq.

      Germany, Spain, and then Netherlands then subsequently got zero public points too. The hosts looked legit worried they were going to get lynched.

      Malta got screwed by the public vote, hard.

  1. United Kingdom 0, surely the UK cant have been as bad as all that.
    The UK paid an estimated A$568,000 to enter this competition and are part of the big five expected to contribute the most to help run this competition.
    Total budget for the Eurovision host broadcaster is between A$14 – A$30 million.

  2. Rumours swirling online that one of the Italian band members were busted on camera snorting coke on the table in the green room and are going to be disqualified, which would give France the win……such Eurodrama!

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