Jacinta Stapleton back as Neighbours regular

Jacinta Stapleton will now be back as a regular on Neighbours following her recent guest return.

The actress reprised her role as Amy Greenwood after 20 years away last year (15 if you count a one-off appearance in 2005 for a 2005 Neighbours anniversary), but will now be a regular.

For much of her run from 1997 – 2000 her character Amy Greenwood was in a relationship with Lance Wilkinson (Andrew Bibby) and living in ‘The House of Trouser.’ But after a split she then had a relationship with flight attendant Damien Smith (John Ridley), eventually eloping together.

“So, originally I was supposed to be back there for only six weeks in 2020, then in my first week it got extended to eleven,” she tells Digital Spy.

“It was completely stressful to be honest, coming back after 20 years, and I am sure the producers needed to see that I still had it in me! After six weeks I wanted to discuss script with them and it was then that they asked me if I would stay.

“I wanted to, for sure, so instead of the usual protocol of ‘you speak to my people’, I told them personally, I’d stay… for a bit!”


  1. aesthetic.

    Complete speculation but this might be a lucky break for her due to Bonnie Anderson leaving. I like that Neighbours nod to their past so much and bring back characters from the old school days.

    • harrypotter1994

      One thing Neighbours does so well. I’m still annoyed that Home and Away didn’t do anything when Cornelia Frances passed away.

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