Montaigne: “I really want to go to Eurovision!”

Australia’s Eurovision entrant Montaigne took to social media to express her anguish over not being able to attend in Rotterdam.

The Technicolour singer became tearful during her first live press conference this week, speaking to European journalists from her bedroom in Sydney.

“I feel like I’m about to have a little cry …. I think before I was like, ‘I’m okay with not being there.’ But I feel quite sad about not being,” she said.

“I’m really enjoying watching everyone do their thing but I do feel like I’ve missed out on something really cool.”

She also expressed some frustration with the timeline and resources available to prepare her Live on Tape performance.

“I’m really proud of everything we’ve done. We’ve had like zero time and we’ve still come up with things that I think are really cool and creative. I am really proud of that.

“It’s been a rough two years to do Eurovision. Any expectation I had for it was always crushed by circumstances, which is, like, annoying. But again, very grateful to be here. I’m really proud to be here, really proud of my team who’ve worked so hard to support me and make my vision as they can, come true.”

But later she took to TikTok with a more emotional message.

“I know I’ve been saying this whole time: ‘I don’t care about not going to Eurovision. It’s fine, I’m okay! I’ve accepted it. I’ve accepted the situation.’ WRONG!

“It just hit me like a wall. I just want to be there so badly.

“I am still just like really grateful that I get to be part of it at all and stuff…

“But I really want to go to Eurovision!”

SBS announced in late April, “After a comprehensive assessment, SBS has decided not to send an Australian delegation and artist to Rotterdam for the Eurovision Song Contest this year. We came to this difficult decision after considering the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, including the many factors involved in travelling to and from the event from Australia.”


  1. Super harsh comments here.

    Of course she’s sad! I would be too! She’s been dudded out of having her proper Eurovision experience twice! Obviously Covid is a big factor, but SBS have let her down. Whether you think the song is good or not is irrelevant.

  2. That TikTok video isn’t doing her any favours. She sounds like Ja’mie King throwing a tantrum when her school formal was cancelled.

  3. I feel this is more of a financial decision by SBS. They need to save money where they can and found an easy way to do it by not travelling to Rotterdam.

    Given the level of COVID planning by the EBU, the chances of catching it in that environment are much lower than someone on a regular holiday to the Netherlands.

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