Nine gets behind community message

Last year TV networks were quick with community messages with their talent appearing in various versions of “We’re all in this together.”

Now the message has shifted.

Good to see Nine has taken a stance on promoting the need to vaccinate all Australians.

Spotted this one last night.

You can get more info here.


  1. I don’t like TV networks “telling us what to do”. I think they should just focus on delivering high-quality and entertaining programs for the Australian audience

    • Agreed, it reaches a point where you’re so inundated with “experts” that you just switch off from the messaging and disengage.

      • Markus Ashton

        Yeah, I suspect the medical “experts” are worth listening to more than the people that have no knowledge on a topic claim they know more than the “experts”.

        Vaccines work, pretty simple stuff really.

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