Oops. “Stick around anything can happen”

Tech problems led to Hitch on Sydney screens and Cameron Williams apologising to viewers.

“We have been experiencing some technical issues… stick around, anything can happen,” Nine’s Cameron Williams told Sydney viewers last night.

His explanation followed several stories from Nine News Melbourne screening in the Sydney market, with Peter Hitchener unexpectedly popping up in the middle of a Peter Overton-led bulletin.

Overton joked, “We went to Melbourne for a taste of the GTV news.”

Hopefully this isn’t a return to 2016’s frequent tech problems which saw Overton reading the news on Melbourne screens.

The hiccup was attributed to technical reasons, unrelated to the recent hacking of Nine’s computer systems.

A Nine spokeswoman told The Australian, “There was a slight technical issue and the 9 News Sydney broadcast was diverted to Melbourne 9 News briefly before Sydney programming resumed as normal.”

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    1. I know Hitch is a Melbourne institution but my wife said ‘I had to switch to Seven …. it was like an ABC newsreader instead of Peter Overton’ …. I thought she was dreaming …. although we in Sydney are not used to the wooden style of Hitchener.

  1. Nicely handled by all. Slightly off topic, I wish Nine would update the background to the national news. The grey looking background with generic buildings always looks like grey clouds to me. Offputting and so bleak.

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