Returning: Shahs of Sunset

Season 9 of reality series is express from the US next week.

Season 9 of reality series Shahs of Sunset is express from the US next week on FOX Arena.

This screens same day as the US.

With the dust settling after last year’s devastating fallout, Reza finds himself feeling ready to dip his toe in the water of reconciliation with MJ. His friendship with his “brother” Mike is called into question when rumors about Mike’s bad-boy behavior start to swirl. After a challenging year for MJ, she finds herself trying to make amends with Reza who still has a restraining order against her husband, Tommy. Despite this, the two vow to begin the journey towards forgiveness in hopes of healing their friendship and bringing everyone back together. Mike and Paulina’s “perfect” relationship is put to test when cracks in their union are revealed. Landing himself in the hot seat, Mike ignites another scandal that tests his bond with Reza and threatens to break up Reza and GG’s newly reformed friendship. GG is thrilled to introduce her son Elijah. She proves to be an unexpected unifier and voice of reason, helping them communicate their hurt feelings and let go of past grievances. Destiney moves out of her apartment and into an adorable house across the street from a very familiar face. She works to find peace with MJ as she strengthens her bonds with Reza and GG. When Paulina confides in Destiney about relationship issues with Mike, she finds herself entangled in another conflict. MJ’s new Persian friend London is a breath of fresh air. As a life coach, London has the unique ability to help her newfound friends through difficult situations. When her strategies begin to wear thin, however, London is put to the ultimate test on a group trip where she needs to do more than dole out pep talks if she wants to keep up with the rambunctious crew.

Updated: Monday May 17 at 1.30pm on FOX Arena (repeated 8:30pm).

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