Southern Cross Austereo and Network 10 talks proceeding

Southern Cross Austereo and Network 10 are still expecting to formalise a new affiliate deal from July 1.

The Australian Financial Review reports SCA chief executive Grant Blackley at the Macquarie Australia Conference, said discussions with Network 10 are proceeding well.

Southern Cross is already selling advertising packages for Network 10 programs in regional areas.

“We are proceeding well with our negotiations for a three ad market affiliation in regional Queensland, south NSW and regional Victoria,” he said.

“We have a series of workflows and workstreams operating at this time and started selling on a post-July 1st basis yesterday for our new affiliate.”

The news follows WIN Corporation returning to Nine from July.

Blackley is also a former 10 CEO.


  1. It is now Tuesday 15th June when I submitted this comment. However still neither ViacomCBS nor Southern Cross Austereo have made final a new affiliation agreement for the transmission of the Network Ten primary channel or secondary channels such as 10 BOLD, 10 Peach, 10 SHAKE, etc in the regional markets of QLD, NSW South/ACT and VIC including Southern and Western Riverina border regions of NSW commencing Thursday 1st July, 2021. Grant Blackley from SCA and Beverley McGarvey from ViacomCBS/Network Ten need to get this broadcast transmission deal signed off on ASAP so that viewers in the regions mentioned above are not denied their favourite Network Ten programs like Neighbours, Have You Been Paying Attention or future LIVE broadcasts of Socceroos, Matildas and A-League/W-League games ! I mean…are SCA going to put a placeholder message telling viewers in the markets affected on 1st July…

  2. It will be interesting to find out what will happen to Channel 10 in the Northern NSW area as win owns NRN and 9 owns NBN. Will Win sign another deal with Viacom CBS Network 10, or will SCA regain ownership of NRN?

  3. TheMighty_SC

    If SCA were to regain 10 affiliation, they will need to set out the channels. I think SCA 10 HD will be on LCN50.
    Should this come to fruition in Wollongong and other areas will 10Bold be rebranded as 10Bold (Wollongong?)

    • SCA currently is 9HD 50 1080i HDTV (MPEG-4)
      After June SCA will be 10HD 50 1080i HDTV (MPEG-4)
      Unlikely SCA will rebrand any 10 channels. They don’t do it with Nine’s channels now – here in Wollongong. WIN currently rebrands WIN BOLD, but that’s a WIN-thing. 10 would much rather see their 10 logo not covered by WIN…however…

  4. Wasn’t this the guy who signed off on the doomed channel “Eleven” and dumping dumping Simpsons and Neighbours 6-7pm in 2010 and commenced in 2011 (after he was sacked?)

  5. Aussiecam58

    Channel wants to be the monoply so maybe SCA can air 9 programs as well as WIN lol. Sooner than later the big players are going to acquire the regional players. WIN will merge with Nine.

  6. Whether 10 is called WIN or Southern Cross in the bush is irrelevant to the viewer, as its the content that matters. So, noting that we still don’t get 10 Shake out here, will Southern Cross show Sky News on channel 83 ???

  7. Can’t wait to see how they meet their local news requirement. I guess they are clearing out a broom cupboard somewhere to mount a green screen, with someone at a desk scrolling local newspaper and radio sites for ‘stories’, with visuals lifted from Facebook and local media sites, Google maps and Police videos. Prime is getting worse, if that’s possible. Latest con is to play a ‘Prime Local News’ opener to a Seven Sydney News promo/headlines with no ‘local news’ whatsoever.

    • Agree.
      Problem is that there are much fewer regional newspapers to source news from. Not to mention most SCA radio stations are hubbed with no local newsrooms anymore. And another one is the broom cupboard they used to use in Canberra has been bulldozed. No doubt there is another broom cupboard in Tasmania that is being spruced up as we speak being they only have Launceston and Hobart TV production studios at SCA thesedays which will share with Seven Tasmania.

    • Exactly. There is no law that states rrgional stations have to affiliate with a metro partner. But what choice do they have? Where would all the Australian quota content come from being SCA is in no position to produce any. Just shows up the fallacy of Aggregation, was doomed ftom the start, having turned the regionals into mere metro relays.

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