Spicks & Specks: May 23

Guests: Alex Lahey, Quan Yeomans, Claire Hooper and Anne Edmonds.

Guests tonight on Spicks & Specks are Alex Lahey, Quan Yeomans, Claire Hooper and Anne Edmonds.

They join Adam, Myf and Alan.

….find out why Bruno Mars quit his job as a 4-year-old Elvis impersonator and what advice Cyndi Lauper gives to young musicians.

7:40pm tonight on ABC.

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  1. Great to see the show back. The social distancing does decrease the warm atmosphere or togetherness of the cast. You could have some sort of split screen effect to negate that, but it’s important to set an example for social distancing on the TV.

    There should also be no pressure on guests that don’t know much about the topics, especially comedians as their humour is appreciated on these shows. For example, Nazeem last week lacked music knowledge but the humour was appreciated. It’s the same for Tony Martin when he’s on HYBPA? He often only just breaks into the scoreboard but his humour has a considerable effect on the enjoyment of the episodes. I have seen in the past on a few shows some guests being chastised for showing lack of participation when their uniqueness is still appreciated by the viewers.

    1. Don’t forget the Spicks & Specks repeat on ABC Plus in the same timeslot. It’s an achievement to be on three separate channels at the same time on different programs and episodes that are not simulcasted. That must be a record.

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