Tasmania passes over raw Spotlight episode

Seven Tasmania will screen Border Security instead of 7News investigation into Martin Bryant.

Tasmanian viewers won’t be seeing 7News Spotlight on Sunday night when it screens a story on Port Arthur gunman, Martin Bryant.

Instead Seven Tasmania viewers, an affiliate owned by Southern Cross Austereo, will be watching Border Security episodes.

25 years after the death of 35 people, reporter Denham Hitchcock claims Bryant killed his father and teases new evidence that the death of a wealthy lover in a car crash was murder.

Asking whether Bryant could have been stopped years before Port Arthur, new witnesses also suggest Australia’s worst mass murderer was left unchallenged to carry out his crime.

Meanwhile later this year Stan will screen a local feature on the dark chapter, Nitram with Caleb Landry Jones, Judy Davis, Essie Davis and Anthony LaPaglia.

The Spotlight episode also offers a new eyewitness coming forward in the saga surrounding Craig McLachlan.

Southern Cross Austereo has been contacted for comment.

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  1. This will be very interesting. What a horrible act of domestic terrorism, all the way back before we’d even heard of the word. It hope this doco does the victims justice.

      1. Agreed. They trivialise these people so much. Milat is another one. These people shouldn’t be given time of day in specials like this. They’re criminals not celebrities. I know some would disagree that we should know but honestly, i’d rather not.

        1. His name shouldn’t be wiped from history, what exactly would that achieve? The events that day were horrible but they still happened and to ignore things about it is futile. It instigated the countries biggest gun reforms and amnesty so should be seen as a positive step going forward in our history. A step that other countries can only dream of implementing. A token scream of “lets never say his name again” makes me cringe. Sorry but we’re not that precious.

          1. I would agree with you generally, however we need to consider innocent people who by chance bear the same name. This is the case with my family, and having the name constantly in the media and associated with evil, is no fun.

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