Too soon? MKR in comeback speculation.

Media speculation Seven is in early discussions with external producers to return to cooking show...

Is My Kitchen Rules on the comeback trail already?

The Sydney Morning Herald today speculates Seven is in early discussions with external production companies to take over production of the series, previously produced by Seven Studios.

Anonymous sources told SMH “that one of the people pitched the idea was one of the Fennessy brothers, who used to run Endemol, and Eureka Productions, which boasts Seven’s former head of reality Rikkie Proost as part of its leadership team.”

Without MKR and Plate of Origin Seven is now without a primetime cooking show (so is Nine) leaving 10’s MasterChef Australia as a logical destination for food-specific advertisers. While Seven had been rumoured as a possible new home for The Great Australian Bake-Off, Foxtel recently announced it was in “advanced discussions” to return to show, now with BBC Studios Australia -there has been no further word on that front.

What’s also unclear is who would front any new MKR with Pete Evans fired by the network, and no current project for Matt Preston or Gary Mehigan.

Seven declined to comment.

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  1. MKR was good in the early days but then they started introducing cheap reality show storylines. I remember Mum and I were watching it and they had a bit about one of the characters with a knife or something threatening another character. It was appalling. Mum and I looked at each other incredulously before I changed the channel. There is also the fact that the show is heavily identified with Pete Evans, and they would probably have to change the name if they bring it back because of that.

  2. The horror the horror …though aren’t Seven locked I to multi year deals with the former MAsterChef judges ? That would be a pretty penny for zero return after that appalling show they tried whenever whatever it was called …basically a lazy mashup of every cooking show around …great one Seven Productions !

  3. Bring it back but get rid of the bitching, innuendos,rudeness it was a good show in the beginning and then moved away from actual home cooks to reality rubbish Great Australian bake off was great on Foxtel it was about home chefs competing plain and simple I can’t imagine Maggie Beer behaving rudely and unprofessional

  4. Can’t Seven do what they always do and copy something else?
    How about Meccano Masters, Ninja Gladiator, The Blocks, MasterCook, Tourist Guides, Australian Survival

  5. No no no! Seven would be much better placed to revive The Great Australian Bake Off, rather then this rubbish, that in the last couple of seasons at least, focused more on the “bitching” rather than the cooking (pardon my language)

  6. Needs a few more years off, 7 owns the concept so it’s not like there is a threat from another network. The major problem with MKR was that it ran for 4 months, I think a diet version of 10eps could be viable. Just 1 round of instant restaurants and a few outdoor challenges, no kitchen HQ. It would also be retry cheap.

    I also like the idea of My Restaurant Rules returning first.

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