Travel Guides: May 19

Travel Guides is on home turf tonight for a road trip through South Australia.

The reviewers travel from Kangaroo Island to the Southern Ocean and, yep, the underground town of Coober Pedy.

Our Travel Guides pick up their wheels and cruise down the scenic Fleurieu Peninsula to Cape Jarvis where they board a car ferry to Kangaroo Island – Australia’s third largest island, boasting a natural wonderland of rolling green hills, pristine beaches and abundant wildlife.

They better bee-hive themselves at King Island Living Honey, where they get close and personal with up to 10 million bees.

Next is a visit to the gin distillery on KI, involving a cocktail-making masterclass and, for the true gin junkies, a lesson in blending your own tipple.

For daredevils of all ages, the Guides head to the Little Sahara Adventure Centre for some sand-boarding down 70 metre-high sand dunes and then on to discover the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, home to over 600 native and rescued animals.

7:30pm tonight on Nine.

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  1. Will be glad to see the guides home again. Whilst seeing OS destinations is nice it is good to see achievable holiday destinations during these pandemic times.

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