UK revives Blankety Blanks

This is a show I've blogged about before as being ripe for a revival...

This is a show I’ve blogged about before as being ripe for a revival…

Britain is reviving iconic game show Blankety Blanks with host Bradley Walsh.

A one-off special (known as Blankety Blank in the UK) was mounted at Christmas to some 6.3m viewers. But now BBC One has greenlit a 10 week season across Saturday nights.

Bradley Walsh says: “I struggle to remember the last time I laughed as much as when I was filming Blankety Blank – so when they asked if I’d be up for doing a series, I jumped at the chance, I’m just so pleased I get to be a part of it. I stand on the shoulders of giants like Les Dawson and Sir Terry Wogan but I’m hoping to put my own stamp on the fantastically nostalgic show.”

Kate Phillips, Director of Entertainment at the BBC, says: “Blankety Blank has it all – ridiculous questions, unpredictable celebrities, bizarre prizes and, in Bradley a very funny and much loved host. I can’t wait for everyone to watch and start filling in those blanks!”

The classic game show enjoyed a sensational run under the master Graham Kennedy on 10 for just 2 seasons in 1977-78. It was revived twice on Nine under Daryl Somers (1985-86) and Shane Bourne (1996-97).

I’ve previously rattled off possible host names: Celia Pacquola, Urzila Carlson, Anne Edmonds, Ed Kavalee, Joel Creasey and Anh Do.

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  1. What type of questions would you use?

    Dumb Dora and Fat Freddie types would be eliminated, as would any references to the majority of people with the possible exception of politicians (the one group you can say anything about without fear of reprisals).

    The more recent American incarnations (e.g. Alec Baldwin) have mostly relied on ones with answers suggesting male and female unique body parts, which gets boring very quickly.

    I love the Gene Rayburn US Match Game 70’s on You Tube.

    The Graham Kennedy version was too much Graham and Dave Gray.

    Lily Savage raced through that version like an express train, while the panelists relied too heavily on reality contestants who had little ability to spontaneously arrive with quick witted responses.

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