Airdate: The Anti-Vax Conspiracy

10 will screen a special on the high levels of mistrust with vaccinations, which has screened in Britain.

10 will screen UK special The Anti-Vax Conspiracy next week.

This is a special made for Channel 4 which screened in Britain earlier this month.

As the COVID-19 vaccines roll out across the world trying to put an end to the devasting reign the disease has had on the population, an alarming number of people have said they won’t be inoculated.

The Anti-Vax Conspiracy will reveal the mix of dishonesty, fraud, greed and subterfuge that lies right at the heart of the anti-vax moment. The forensically detailed investigation, promises to shed new light on a growing organisation spreading fear and chaos, and looks behind the unsubstantiated claims and fake science at the real motivations of the key figures within the movement.

This show will explore how we ended up with alarmingly high levels of mistrust at the vaccinations, at a time when the world’s battle against COVID-19 depends on a successful roll out of the vaccines globally.

8:30pm Wednesday June 30 on 10.


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  1. The major ones have had phase one, two and three testing and data is in and they have been given emergency approval. In the UK most of the problem has been with the AstraZenca vaccine which the UK was giving to 40+ year olds and has a high rate of flu like side-effects (I was sick for 4 days) and the blood clotting autoimmune disease. Australia has recently accepted the inevitable and restricted AZ to over 60s like most of Europe, and is phasing it out as soon as possible, which will obviously reduce the number of people taking it.

  2. I have to say that most people I know that are my age have had the AstraZeneca jab with no ill effects, and I shall be getting it too, next week.
    True, this AstraZeneca vaccine and others was rushed through but some countries cant afford another year without using some sort of vaccine.
    There is the prospect that you may not be able to leave the country without a vaccination, in fact I believe it is also sometimes a job requirement overseas too.
    The need for booster shots should be considered as well.

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