Andy Lee hosts new Nine panel show The Hundred

New panel show sees comedians battle it out to prove who really knows Australia best.

Nine has announced a new show to be hosted by Andy Lee, The Hundred.

The original Screentime format is described as a weekly, one-hour, comedy panel with guest panellists and 100 everyday Australians via a giant 27-square metre screen.

The Hundred are standing by to be polled live to find out who we really are while comedians and celebrities will battle it out to prove who really knows Australia best.

It includes questions on: “How many Australians have had plastic surgery? How many of us have never seen the ocean? And why do the people in the southern states prefer a café latte while the rest of the nation goes for a flat white (except in regional Australia, where they’ll take “a cappuccino extra hot, thanks mate”)? How many Australians have had sex in the workplace? What’s the most common day to be born? What is the most common day to die? How many of us check our partner’s phones … and how many of us don’t even own a phone?”

Andy Lee said: “The Hundred is kind of like reverse Gogglebox. Gogglebox is everyday people sitting in their homes and picking apart TV shows, whereas The Hundred is a TV show diving into everyday people’s homes and learning more about their lives.

“It’s been over a year in the making and we’ve uncovered some amazing stats along the way as well as some really boring ones. In a bold decision, we’ve decided to leave the boring ones out of the show. In a post-truth era, The Hundred fearlessly crunches the numbers to find out who we really are, in a laugh-out- loud format.”

The series will film from July  – September.

The Hundred is an original concept by Screentime Australia and Andy Lee, in association with Channel 9.

To be part of The Hundred, you can sign up here.

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  1. Hamish is a wonderful talent. To a lesser degree Andy is also a good host. However nothing competes to the energy created when the two bounce off each other.
    I would really love to see them reunite for a future channel 9 project. If not, they should shop themselves around to Netflix or another streaming service. They have a huge international reach through their podcast and I imagine that they could become a global sensation.

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