Audience Tix: Big Brother finale

The Big Brother Live Grand Finale is confirmed for Tuesday, 29 June at 7.30pm.

All of the 2021 housemates will be reunited, as host Sonia Kruger grills the final three on why they should get your vote, before the winner is awarded a $250,000 prize.

The show will be broadcast from Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion in front of a huge Live audience.

Thousands of fans have registered their interest for finale tickets, but Seven advises this is still open at

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  1. Ive really been up and down on this season. Cant stand twists every night and big brother changing the rules and goalposts by favouring cast members. SJ saved by BB twice is the best example, how ridiculous. I hope they clean this up for next year, no doubt they wont of course.

    • I agree. I really enjoyed the start of the season, but there have been too many ‘twists’ this season and yes they seem to have favored certain people too, as you have pointed out. I’ve also noticed they give a lot of air-time to certain people, Ari is a good example. He seems to have become the default person to give feedback on each task. We only get little bits from people like Sid, who seems like a pretty interesting person with a good strategic brain.

      I’ve become a little bored with the focus on the same people each night and now just fast-forward to the end to see whose been eliminated. Hopefully next season they can let it flow a little more naturally.

  2. Last years’ finale was pretty bad, just 90 minutes of padding then winner announcement. hopefully they’ve come up with a better format and reserved some footage for the finale.

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