Audio problems plague Nine News

"We do thank you for your patience," said Nine News after repeated audio drop-outs last night.

Nine News Sydney fell victim to more technical problems last night with recurring audio problems.

Peter Overton was frustrated first by a lack of audio for news items, in two stories, before sports presenter Cameron Williams later fell silent.

“Welcome back, we do thank you for your patience,” Williams later said, with Overton adding, “While we’re going well, I’m going to keep moving” as he returned to an earlier story.

The issues follow Nine News Sydney broadcast diverted to a Melbourne bulletin last month.

On Sunday, Nine’s Chief information and Technology officer, Damian Cronan told 60 Minutes Nine had almost recovered from its major cyber attack of 3 months ago.

Via: Media Spy

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  1. Sadly this is the result of cost cutting. The big issue is that “Flagship” 6pm news bulletins should not be cut to the bone as quality suffers and confidence. 6pm News should have a the full complement of stff as it brings in big $$ for the station. Advertisers see this mess…..

  2. Can someone, anyone, just give us a plain and simple news program – say like the 80s? Am so over the hideous big red and blue banners, often obscuring the important part of the picture e.g. golfer putting (did it go in?). One news bulletin this morning I counted 9 different captions, including 2 lines of closed-captions. Most of them were superfluous and added nothing to the story. One claimed to be “Live” when it clearly was not. Just keep it simple and it may actually work.

  3. I do feel sorry for Peter Overton. He should be concentrating on getting his words off the TelePrompter however, it is a weekly occurrence that something goes wrong technically …..he has shown his frustration over past weeks but last night he took it in good humour.

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