Doctor Doctor cast: “We were lucky”

Fans applaud the finale while the Nine drama cast are grateful for being able to wrap up their storylines.

Doctor Doctor fans last night farewelled the Nine drama after 5 seasons.

Ahead of the ending cast including Rodger Corser, Tina Bursill, Nicole da Silva, Ryan Johnson, Hayley McElhinney, and Chloe Bayliss reflected on the show’s 5 seasons.

Rodger Corser said, “Unlike a lot of other shows, we got to write to the ending, and we all knew what was coming. A lot of shows get taken off air and never get that sense of closure. We were lucky enough… it’s like the third act of rom-com.”

Tina Bursill noted how fortunate they were to make an Australian drama beyond one season.

“We were just so lucky,” she said, “and it’s so wonderful because of the great writers and everybody that’s part of our family – the cast and the crew- have (been) beyond expectations. It’s just been a fantastic five years. I’m really proud of it too. I’m really proud to say that we are a wholesome Australian family of many people (and) creatives.”

Bursill also recalled getting a casting call after nearly 2 years of not working.

“I hadn’t worked because I was full time carer at home with my father. My father died and my agent six weeks later rang to say ‘They want to see you for this thing.’ And I said, ‘No, I have no interest whatsoever in the world. I just need to do, what I need to do.’ And out of this, I was convinced to go and audition, which I did.”

Despite little interest in gaining the role, Bursill landed the part of matriarch Meryl Knight.

“It was a really huge moment for me to be doing Doctor Doctor on the heels of my father and my mother dying. And I ended up in another family. And I’ve always said that whatever jobs we do, in this industry, we attach ourselves to a group of people. In this instance it was a family. And that family is the Knight family, the (producers) Easy Tiger family and Channel Nine.”

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  1. I enjoyed the first two seasons, but gave up because I got sick of 9 delaying it and changing the time slot. Hopefully one day it’ll bob up on one of the streaming services (other than 9Now) and I will watch it.

  2. Tina Bursill was just terrific in her role as Meryl and it also gave Rodger Corser a long overdue starring vehiclein a successful series. I felt this show was a descendant of The Flying Doctors and A Country Practice. Hayley McElhinney always reminds me of Penny Cook.

  3. One of the Best shows I’ve seen in a long time.
    The cast were wonderful. The writing was superb. The scenery was beautiful.
    I’m so happy everyone had a happy ending!
    I will miss them so!

  4. I’ve enjoyed the show as a whole but last nights final was dreadful. The usual humour found in the show wasn’t there and something felt off the whole episode.

    Much preferred last weeks penultimate episode.

  5. It was nice to see it got the wrap it deserved. It was a high hearted series with a few poignant moments. Great cast in a beautiful rural setting. I hope the love of filming Aussie drama in regional centres continues.

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