How many visitors at Eurovision contracted COVID-19?

3,500 visitors were allowed to attend each show in Rotterdam, but virus numbers are low.

A total of 48 of the 29,875 visitors who attended the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, may be infected with COVID-19, says Fieldlab Events, the body overseeing test events for the Dutch government.

That equates to an average of 1.6 per thousand or over five per show.

A maximum of 3,500 visitors were allowed to attend each show, who all had to hand over a negative test certificate of no more than 24 hours old on arrival. Seating also limited contact moments as much as possible.

In addition, a total of 13 people were already infected during the event. In the period the Contest took place, an average of 4.9 per thousand people were infected among the Dutch population.

The figures only include the visitors of the Contest and not the crew, volunteers, press and delegation members. Those statistics are expected to be published by the organisation itself later this month.

Source: NU.nl

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  1. “who all had to hand over a negative test certificate”
    And yet 48 people had or got COVID. You can see why Australian authorities won’t relax quarantine rules for arrivals who show they had a negative result.

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