“I know a lot of people have grown up watching Totally Wild”

Ranger Stacey bid farewell to a 10 institution, after 27 years on air.

The last ever episode of Totally Wild screened on 10 Shake in the super early slot of 6am Sunday, quietly slipping away after 27 seasons, based out of TVQ Brisbane.

The final episode concluded at Australia’s Zoo with much-loved Ranger Stacey joined by Jesse Baird, Brooke Marsden and Jack Kelly (this photo from the final shoot at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary).

“Another amazing shoot done and dusted, wow!” said Stacey.

“There are so many amazing things to reflect on. The people, the places, unique experiences … the amazing animals that we have got to meet, get up close and personal with. And of course, you guys. Thank you so much for watching.

“I know a lot of people have grown up watching Totally Wild and for that we are truly grateful. The crew! The whole team! Totally Wild has been nothing more than Totally Wild. I need a group hug, guys!

“I hope we’ve inspired!”

You have indeed, Stacey. Travel safe….

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  1. What an unceremonious way to conclude an Aussie icon.

    What could it possibly have rated in that timeslot on 10 SHAKE?


    I’d guess even less than that given the channel’s typically abysmal share.

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