iwonder: June highlights

Beer and bbqs are the subjects of two documentaries new to streaming platform this month.

Beer and barbecues are the subjects of two highlighted docos new to documentary streaming platform iwonder this June.

June 17
Barbecue is a grand vision of humanity unified by our most common and primal tradition. Filmed across twelve countries, stories of race, class and belonging are told around the fire by families, cooks and backyard philosophers. In South Africa, barbecue roasts over coals as people in the townships and suburbs find new ways to live together post-apartheid. In Texas, pitmasters feed the masses fuelled by pride in their craft and community. Across the border a Mexican family works through the night, surviving by sheer determination. Armenians defiantly cling to their traditions and homeland, while exiled Syrians find new hope through shawarma stalls in a border refugee camp. Despite strikingly different landscapes and cultures, these intimate portraits of everyday life reveal a bold vision of humanity, as each country searches for its own answer to the question – how do we live in the world today?

Beers of Joy
Now available
Beers of Joy is a fascinating, entertaining and savoury journey into our world’s favourite magical elixir. Feast upon stunning visuals of medieval monasteries, historic German villages and breweries from across the world that serve as the backdrop for four people immersing themselves in their passion for beer. An internationally acclaimed brewer and a celebrated chef take separate journeys of discovery through Europe and early America, while two Advanced Cicerones attempt to pass the prestigious Master Cicerone exam (beer’s equivalent to wine’s Master Sommelier), one of the most difficult tests in the world. Historians, scientists, clergy, brewers and – most importantly – the every man and woman add flavour to this love letter to beer and prove once and for all… life is best celebrated over a beer!

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