Kita Mean wins RuPaul’s Drag Race: Down Under

Kiwi drag queen beats three Aussies for the title of Stan contest.

Kiwi drag queen Kita Mean has won RuPaul’s Drag Race: Down Under.

She wins make-up supplies, a crown & tiara and $30,000 cash.

Kita Mean won the title over three Aussie finalists Art Simone, Karen from Finance and Scarlet Adams.

The final episode features video appearances by Olivia Newton-John and daughter Chloe Lattanzi. The final lip-sync was also a rendition of Physical.

But it was Kita Mean’s outfits, speech and performance that won over host RuPaul, bringing the season produced in NZ by Warner Bros. Australia to a close.

The season was not without some feedback on social media around suggestions the set looked below international standards, commentary around the use of language and a discussion around black face performed by Scarlet Adams earlier in her career. RuPaul spoke to the offence but also acknowledged the lessons learned from Scarlet’s apology.

But there were also more personal moments as the queens spoke about the difficulties of growing up queer in Australia and New Zealand and how drag had proven life affirming for them.

Stan is yet to announce a second season, which no doubt will also be dependent on RuPaul’s availability and interest.

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  1. It’s like watching a car crash that keeps on crashing. This season is exactly like that. At least my faith has been restored by choosing the right winner.

  2. Terrible casting and production values but at least Kita was one of the few on there who seemed like a genuinely decent person so glad she took the crown.

  3. I think they did the best they could under the very difficult production conditions. The biggest problem was the lack of guest judges. The few randoms they could get into the studio I had never heard of, while those who sent video message were very inauthentic (I’m betting the woman next to ONJ had never seen an episode).

    Maybe next season they film it in LA and fly the contestants over? No production issues and there should be plenty of Aussie celebs in town that can guest judge (a Hemsworth or two for example?).

    I believe they film alternate endings. I strongly suspect they only decided the winner very recently taking into account the backlash again Scarlett for her past, and the unexplained return of Art Simone. Karen was never really a contender. Kita was a great winner.

  4. I actually enjoyed a lot of it. Some of the runways were fantastic. But please move production for season 2 (fingers crossed) to Melbourne or Sydney. If Ru and Michelle can’t do 2nd season, I hope they could get Courtney Act to host, if her and Ru can bury the hatchet🤣.

  5. I was rooting for her, so I’m glad she won. But also, there would’ve been backlash if they crowned anyone else (Scarlet and Karen for racism, Art for riggery/being brought back for no reason).

  6. You forgot the other controversy. Etcetera Etcetera mocking Lindy Chamberlain and the dingo hand puppet covered in blood. That was in very poor taste.

  7. Well one to Keta and the final four worthy finalists. This was the worst put together season though with shockingly basic production choices (pre-recorded guests who didn’t interact; wasted opportunities for Kylie; errors such as ‘Next On’ on screen instead of ‘Previously On’…). If there is a S2 (and I hope there is), Channel 10 / Endemol should produce it instead and do a decent job.

  8. It was pretty poorly produced but having the COVID restrictions didn’t help. If there is a 2nd season it needs to be better produced in Sydney or Melbourne with bigger and better studios and production teams.

    I would not be surprised if it won’t return but hey prove me wrong but maybe after when travelling/quarantine restrictions are lifted.

  9. Nice spoiler David. Your policy works fine for broadcast TV, but you usually take a different approach for streaming by warning people not to read on if they haven’t seen the latest episode. A similar warning would have been nice here instead of ruining it for everyone who hasn’t streamed it yet.

  10. I’ve watched more seasons of this franchise than I’m really comfortable to admit. And, this one was weak and pretty poorly cast and produced.
    Then, Art Simone coming back with no explanation or even pretence of fairness left a bad taste from early on.
    That said, Kita seems genuinely lovely and was definitely my favourite from the final four. Good luck to her.

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