Living Black: June 21

Karla Grant asks why so many Aboriginal children taken by the State are forcibly removed from their parents?

Why are so many Aboriginal children that are taken by the State forcibly removed from their parents?

Tonight on Living Black, Karla Grant speaks exclusively to youth caught in the system and investigates where these children get placed, and how these placements affect their everyday life and future.

Follow Karla as she meets with teens who have had their lives turned upside down, the case workers on the frontline, and David Shoebridge – the MP fighting for their cause.

Living Black – Australia’s longest running Indigenous current affairs program -explores important and often unknown issues affecting Indigenous Australians.

Hosted by award-winning journalist Karla Grant, the program airs every Monday at 8:30pm. This season features a series of investigations – from out of home care to the debates around the return of cultural artefacts.

Monday, 21 June at 8.30pm on NITV

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