Manifest future grounded

End of the journey for Flight 828 after it fails to find a new home.

US supernatural drama Manifest has failed to find a new home after it was axed by NBC.

Netflix was considered the most viable option, given the first two seasons were the streaming service’s most-watched acquired series for a week.

But US reports indicated while Netflix had been in extended discussions with Warner Bros. TV about picking up the show, the streamer ultimately passed.

Showrunner Jeff Rake, describing himself as “devastated” by NBC’s decision, tweeted on June 14 that he was “hoping to find a new home” for the series. Having ended Season 3 on so many cliffhangers and with, ideally, a six-season plan in mind, “You the fans deserve an ending to your story,” he said. “Thanks for the love shown to me, cast, and crew. #savemanifest”

Manifest screens in Australia on Nine.

Source: TV Line

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  1. Strange that Netflix passed if the first 2 seasons enjoyed success on their streaming platform. It’s not like Netflix would have to invest heavily in new programming here as the cast, crew and built in audience are already in place. Netflix only has to look at another series – Lucifer – to see taking up the offer can work. It now enjoys huge success on its platform.

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