Nine updates vaccination promo

Nine last night released a new public service promo in its #GetVaccinated campaign.

Added to previous footage were Brooke Boney, Sarah Abo, Travel Guides‘ Kev and Teng, Tina Bursill and sports presenters.

This follows earlier criticism around the casting of the first promo and a lack of diversity.

Michael Healy, Nine’s Director of Television said “As we are in the midst of a global pandemic, 9Network is continuing to support community awareness regarding COVID and to be informed about the vaccination, this is our shot for Australia to be connected again.

“It is an internal initiative and there will be a number of promos rolled out during this campaign”.


  1. Well done Nine, great campaign.. but missed opportunity there for Scott Cam to say ‘come on Australia, let’s get the Jab done’ instead of ‘get the job done’, but hey I’m wasn’t the script writer so what would I know! 😛

  2. Couch Critic

    This is the right move by 9, but what an easily avoidable embarrassment this whole thing has been. And it’s obvious those here crying “woke” don’t understand that representation matters. It acts as a pillar of confidence in a campaign like this. In any event, it’s probably better to just be ignorant in silence rather than submit your comment and confirm it.

    • I see your point of view, but I respectfully disagree. I don’t see LGBT representation. I don’t see people with disabilities represented. Am I crying about it? No. Diversity can mean a lot of things and personally I think Ch9 should be commended for launching the campaign.

  3. jezza the first original one

    Get the vaccine and stop fretting about the diversity of who features in a promo to encourage this. If necessary separate promos can be created to target smaller segments of the population with a low take. Many of the recent comments are stirring up a lot of anti white racial hatred which would not be published if they were aimed at other groups. Not good. Just get vaxxed and we can all start to bring life back to some semblance of normality.

  4. thedirtydigger

    But the question is , exactly when were these new “personalities ” filmed ? I’m betting it was a PR crisis rush job after the Great White Bread controversy raised its head …Not being a Travel Guides watcher , I take it Kev and Teng are not ” white bread ” ? Unlike most of the other Travel Guides cast from what I can see in the promos anyway …and surely they’ve thrown a Jonathan Thurston in the mix for good measure !

  5. If you’re not woke these days, you’re broke! Shake my head Nine, should of stand your ground and who cares about the small minority on Twitter, who will always whinge!

  6. tolliver333

    I get in one way why they are using the people from Travel Guide but realistically they are not a big name through out Australia and many people will be why are these random people part of this Ad….

    • In the old days, there would be a reference to the program the “star” was from either in the form of a super or graphic. These sort of things acted as a cross-promotion. I guess full marks to Nine for not going down that path.

      • However, as I have never seen the two previously, who I assume are “Travel Guides‘ Kev and Teng”, then they lack any credibility for me. Then, any of these ‘celebrities’ lack any credibility when it comes to giving medical advice.

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