Olympic crowds up to 10,000 -but no cheering allowed.

IOC and Japanese govt agree to 50% capacity for the Games.

The International Olympic Committee, IPC, Tokyo 2020, Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Government of Japan has agreed on a cap of 10,000 fans at Olympic events next month.

Venues will be limited to 50 per cent capacity.

Spectators will have to wear masks at all times with no cheering or shouting, although clapping will be allowed.

Congestion should be avoided and visitors should leave venues in a staggered manner.

If the situation worsens in Japan, further measures may be implemented.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has previously said, “If a state of emergency is necessary, I will be flexible and open to no fans in order to achieve that the Games give top priority to safety and security for the people.

“In case of a state of emergency, it is quite possible … for [a] safe and secure [Games] I will not hesitate to have no fans.”

The decision comes despite Japan’s top medical adviser, Shigeru Omi, recommending last week that the safest way to hold the Olympics would be without fans.

Japan’s public remains opposed to holding the Games, according to recent polls.

All international spectators were previously banned from attending, while vaccination of those involved with the Games continues.

A decision on Paralympics will be decided by 16 July 2021, a week before the opening of the Olympics.

The Games are set to open on July 23 screening in Australia on Seven.

Japan is averaging around 1,440 new COVID-19 cases daily over the past week.

Source: ABC

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  1. So the Olympics will sound like a New Japan Pro-Wrestling event/show then, where they are only allowed polite applause for the whole show, be interesting to hear in that way as it can be as a viewer slightly unsettling hearing basically Golf Claps.

  2. Problems are nothing new. Montreal in 1976 nearly bankrupted the city with cost over runs and a boycott because NZ played SA in a rugby match. 1980 Moscow was boycotted by the West. Sydney was promised a tourism boom, all it did was disrupt planning for a decade, severely distrupt the city for 3 weeks and leave us with declining visitors and useless venues. The Government is currently demolishing the $1b running track which was used for a week, and building a new $1b stadium suitable for football. Just build 1 olympic villiage, where NBC wants it (as they fund most of it) and use it every 4 years.

  3. The IOC Should Cancel both the Olympics And Paralympics this time because Covid 19 is still spreading in Japan it’s too great a risk for the public and the athletes

  4. Olympics are no longer about the athletes – its all greed an corruption.
    given Japan has wasted 50 billion dollars that could have gone to the citizens of Japan, they must be so happy they are now allowed to only recupe a fraction of the money….

    IOC should can the games – its in the contract that only the IOC can cancel the games, not Japan

    1. This is what happens when the IOC has basically complete control over all of it ,only they can cancel it ,personally I think there a waste of money ,just look at the ruins both financial and infrastructure that many countries have been left with.

    2. I think it’s a tough one. It means a lot to a lot of people to have some respite from the virus hardships with these major events as a diversion. Ideals like perseverance and inspiration that are displayed at the Olympics are important values. At the same time, there are the health risks involved. And then just like the potential Brisbane Olympics, or the Rio, London Olympics etc. there are the costs and whether it achieves the value for what was spent. The Sydney Olympics were quite beneficial even to this day as people still have the great memories and it was a successful games.

      1. Fair comment ,I attended easily 10 events at the Olympics in Sydney and had a blast ,but our games were the last before it all went down hill after 9/11 in many respects ,still for the cost of hosting them today although it’s changed to me the IOC have way too much hold over them and don’t forget it’s all $$$ and they even changed the finals of the swimming so the Americans could watch it primetime ,NBC paid alot of money for the Olympics.

  5. What’s the point of having any spectators at all, eg. 2 spectators allowed from Australia, how are they going to select crowds. I assume team support members are exempted from crowd numbers

  6. At least they have an excuse if the spectators don’t show up. Remember there was criticism and media attention throughout previous Olympics when the spectator turnout was low in some events.

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