Q+A: June 10

This week on Q+A Stan Grant hosts a “COVID Endgame” Live from Canberra.

As frustrated Victorians endure their fourth lockdown, businesses across the country are hurting and many are now asking if we’ve lost the bigger picture.

We’re told the vaccine is our best form of protection but is Australia being left behind? As a nation, we’ve managed the health and economic challenges well, but is it time we learnt to live with COVID long term rather than put all our efforts into eliminating it? The prevention of coronavirus outbreaks in remote Indigenous communities is considered one of the success stories of Australia’s pandemic response, so how can we protect other vulnerable communities?

As we assess what risk we’re prepared to live with, are there lessons we can learn from other countries? Prime Minister Scott Morrison will meet with global leaders, including US President Joe Biden, at the G7 summit in the UK this week.

Plus, we take a look at the latest trade war tensions with China and Australia’s place in the region, and the big changes to Medicare rebates that may see us paying thousands more for standard procedures. How will you be affected?

Remember this is your show and your chance to set the agenda – so send us any questions we should be asking!

Joining Stan Grant on the panel:

Omar Khorshid, President, Australian Medical Association
Kamalini Lokuge, Epidemiologist, Australian National University
Peter Hartcher, Political Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age
Sally Scales, APY Art Centre Collective Regional Programs Coordinator and Uluru Statement Leadership
Cameron Murray, Economist and Research Fellow

8:30pm Thursday on ABC.


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