Spicks & Specks: June 13

Next guests on Spicks & Specks are Gordi, producer / drummer Sensible J & comedians Jess Harris & Lloyd Langford.

Tonight, Adam, Myf and Alan are joined by singer/songwriter Gordi, producer/drummer Sensible J and comedians Jess Harris and Lloyd Langford to discover why Little Richard gave up pop music and what a drug-addled Rick James destroyed.

Join Adam Hills, Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough as they team up with some of Australia’s brightest music stars. There’ll be brand new games, fantastic live music and, as always, you can play along with all your old favourites.

Spicks and Specks, there is no substitute.

Production credits: Spicks and Specks is an ABC Production. Executive Producer: Anthony Watt.
ABC Head of Entertainment: Nick Hayden.

7:40pm Sunday on ABC.

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