Spotlight: June 13

This Sunday Denham Hitchcock investigates the 2018 incidents which led to the stabbing of two men in Cairns.

On Sunday 7NEWS Spotlight sees Denham Hitchcock investigate the 2018 incidents which led to the stabbing of two men in Cairns.

“This is the untold story of what really happened at Alva Beach,” said Hitchcock. “When we began this investigation, we thought we knew it all. But it turns out, we didn’t know the half of it.”

“I need police right now. I’ve just stabbed a bloke who broke into my house. Help me… there’s blood everywhere… I think I’ve killed him… the other two are going to kill me…”

What would you do if an injured woman came banging on your door at midnight, pleading for help? Would you let her in?

Then three men show up looking for her, and demand you open the door. Would you open it?

That was the situation facing 19-year-old Dean Webber on NRL Grand Final night in the seaside town of Alva Beach in far north Queensland, when a very scared, injured and intoxicated young women, Candice Locke, showed up on his porch.

What’s shocking is not only the series of improbable events that led to that difficult choice, but the horrific result – an hour later two men were lying dead on Webber’s front lawn, both stabbed in the heart.

Two men who thought they were doing a good deed.

Everyone involved that night thought they were saving Candice.

So, what really happened? Was Webber defending his home and himself, or was it something else?

Webber has never been charged over the deaths and, in a decision which could set an historic legal precedent in Australia, he has so far been excused from giving evidence due to ongoing trauma.

This major 7NEWS Spotlight investigation pieces together multiple hours of never-before-seen police interviews and evidence to construct the most accurate portrait of one of the most confusing nights in Australian legal history.

Investigative reporter Denham Hitchcock gains unprecedented access to the police case, uncovering new evidence and startling police tapes, as new witnesses come forward with extraordinary revelations that will cast fresh light on the sequence of events and motives that night.

7pm Sunday on Seven.

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