The Living Room: June 11

This week Mel Buttle pays a visit and Miguel is in Tassie.

This week on The Living Room Mel Buttle pays a visit and Miguel is in Tassie.

Our animal expert, Dr Chris, is on the hunt to find the perfect pet for a busy family with three young girls. They’re desperate to get a dog but are having trouble working out the best animal to suit their lifestyle.

We look at rescue dog options as well as visiting an ethical breeder. But how do you choose between a rescue dog and a pure-bred puppy? There’s a lot more to consider than just colour and breed, because a dog is for life.

Celebrity comedian Mel Buttle pays a visit and Barry builds the perfect doggie bed that will keep your canine comfortable as well as cool when summer comes around.

Miguel is in Tasmania using some very special canine companions to track down the scent of the Black Truffle to create a simple recipe that’s bursting with flavour.

7:30pm Friday on 10.

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