Travel Guides: June 23

The season finale sees Nine's reviewers on the ground in South Korea.

The season final of Travel Guides sees Nine’s reviewers on the ground in South Korea.

It will be interesting to see how a 2022 season is impacted by current travel restrictions, which presumably is being pushed back to as late as possible.

Our Travel Guides take on South Korea for their wackiest holiday ever. From the exciting and vibrant city of Seoul to the quirks of the DMZ and the traditional rural regions, our Guides enjoy a wild ride through this weird and wonderful country.

The massive city of Seoul is where our Travel Guides get their first taste of South Korea.

Staying in the half-kilometre high Lotte Tower on the 92nd floor, their rooms look out over the high-rise city. The tower is part of a huge complex, featuring the world’s largest indoor theme park. Some of our Guides embrace the opportunity to go on some epic roller coasters, others are a little more hesitant.

South Koreans are very health conscious, so to join in with the locals, our Travel Guides visit a jimjilbang. Part spa, part chill-out zone these day clubs are open 24 hours a day and every type of treatment is on offer.

Just a few blocks away is the throbbing suburb of Gangnam, where our Travel Guides discover the wonders of K-Pop, which is more than Gangnam Style. Undertaking the rigours of K-Pop classes and a makeover, our Guides are ready to join the K-Pop wannabes performing in the streets.

Getting out of Seoul, just an hour north, lies the Demilitarised Zone between South Korea and its less welcoming neighbour, North Korea. One of the world’s more bizarre tourist hotspots, our Travel Guides learn more about the sad history between these two countries and take a peek at the North Korean village located just on the other side.

7:30pm Wednesday on Nine.

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