Vale: David Lightfoot

Aussie producer, whose credits include Wolf Creek and Rogue, has died.

Aussie producer David Lightfoot, whose credits include Wolf Creek and Rogue has died, aged 61.

He died in hospital on Sunday after heart issues, according to a statement from the company the founded, Ultra Films.

With well over 30 years in the industry, he worked largely in the local film industry.

David Lightfoot started his film career at the South Australian Film Corporation in 1982 and worked on Australian classics like Babe, Bad Boy Bubby, The Sound of One Hand Clapping, Japanese Story and more.

He produced the 2005 horror film Wolf Creek, then 2007’s Rogue, both written and directed by Greg McLean followed by Rupert Glasson’s thriller Coffin Rock in 2009.

Most recently, with Tony Ginnane he produced Never Too Late, (currently screening on Foxtel) featuring Jack Thomson, Jacki Weaver, Shane Jacobson, James Cromwell, Dennis Waterman which rose to #4 at the Australian Box Office last Year despite the challenging Covid conditions.

His early TV credits include crew work on The New Adventures of Black Beauty, Golden Fiddles and Grim Pickings.

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