Weakest Link specials coming to Nine

Exclusive: Nine has recorded 4 Weakest Link specials with host Magda Szubanski on top of standard episodes.

EXCLUSIVE: Nine has filmed 4 specials of The Weakest Link with host Magda Szubanski.

TV Tonight can reveal there are 2 celebrity specials, another with cast members from The Block .

A fourth special with all winners from the current season returning to go head to head.

There are 10 ‘standard’ episodes with episode 5 set to screen next Tuesday at 9:20pm following Australian Ninja Warrior.

Nine is yet to confirm when it will screen its additional specials.



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  1. I never really watched the original Aussie version ( or any overseas versions for that matter) but I caught an episode last week randomly… OMG its soooo slow and boring… I loooove Madga in all her other stuff, including Dog woman ( which I dont think anyone else watched) but this is all so badly scripted and doesnt suit her at all… but mostly its just slow and boring. Makes Tipping point look like It’s a knockout.

  2. there’s something cringworthy about this show, not sure if its just the stupid echo or Magda being a bit forced, maybe i’ve just watched so many quiz shows i have a high standard. I seem to remember the original being alot better

  3. I watched two episodes but it just lacks so much. The American version is so much better. Maybe Nine should have just aired that one instead. I think Magda is the wrong choice as host and thats why it just isn’t working for me.

  4. So excited for this!! Im in the minority i love this show lol… the echo makes me laugh… i hope it gets renewed but those numbers are not good. They should have put it on no later than 830.

  5. I remember the specials done with Cornelia Frances! There was The Mole special, the AFL Grand Final special, the Blue Heelers Special & the All Saints Special!

    However, I fear what type of “celebrities” will be casted for the Celebrity Specials. Plus, I’d like to see Scotty Cam, the judges & Keith & Dan on The Block Special, instead of just random contestants!

  6. I tried it and really wanted to like it but those echoes and (as much as I love her) Magda’s ‘character’ seeming too forced, I just couldn’t last more than two episodes.

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