What I’ve Been Watching: Miguel Maestre

The Living Room's chef has a secret wish to play Manuel on Fawlty Towers.

The Living Room‘s Miguel Maestre has a secret wish to play Manuel on Fawlty Towers.

Here’s what else is on his watch list…

What shows are on your must-see TV list lately?
MM: At the moment I’m loving Vikings and Money Heist.

Which guilty pleasure shows are you reluctant to admit to watching? 
MM: I don’t get embarrassed admitting to what I watch. I’m actually watching a show with Claudia at the moment called Dance Academy.

Is there a genre of shows you absolutely can’t bear?
MM: I do struggle with some of the reality shows. Nothing specific, I just don’t watch them.

When you settle down for a night on the couch what are your ‘must-haves?’
MM: A big bowl of homemade buttered popcorn and a cup of herbal tea. I don’t have any devices nearby as I like to concentrate on what I’m watching. I do make sure I have control of the remote though. It’s always closest to me.

What show you would secretly love to appear on?
MM: My dream show to appear on would be Fawlty Towers. I’d be the best Manuel ever. Don’t you think! Chris Brown would be Mr Fawlty, Amanda Keller would be Sybil, Mr Fawlty’s wife, and Barry would be The Major!

What do you love most about the new format of The Living Room and what can we look forward to in upcoming episodes?
MM: The best thing about the new format is that we are helping out deserving Australian families. The chemistry between the hosts and the fun we have gets shared in everyone’s lounge rooms on a Friday night. What a great start to the weekend! Lifestyle entertainment with an edge.

The Living Room airs 7:30pm Fridays on 10.

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