Why COVID has delayed Home Delivery

"At the moment it's just so compromising," says Julia Zemiro, with restrictions too tricky to undertake ABC show.

A new season for ABC’s Home Delivery is still some time off with host Julia Zemiro explaining that COVID restrictions have made production too challenging.

The CJZ produced show has enjoyed 8 seasons with Zemiro lovingly interviewing guests in cars. But it’s not just a confined space that is part of the problem.

“We had a meeting about it at the end of last year and they’ve been terrific at ABC,” Zemiro tells TV Tonight.

“They love the show, but they’re saying ‘We just don’t think we’ll be doing anything in the first half of the year.’

“So maybe in the second half or maybe next year. But at the moment it’s just so compromising if we set up the shoot anywhere, and then we can’t get away or can’t get back.”

Episodes have seen Zemiro and guests travel interstate and overseas to key locations in their upbringing. But opening and closing of borders has led to fears of being stranded across state lines.

“We’re going to schools, to someone else’s home. We have about 19 different locations a day. I personally don’t want to do it until it feels safe or we can be free…

“Or we decide to just do New South Wales. I don’t know, we’ll have to figure it out.”

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  1. This sounds a very suss excuse ..really most of the country has been back to virtually normal …now this show requires two people to visit empty homes and school rooms and they are blaming COVID ? I small a rat …

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