Win the Week: June 23

Andrew Denton, Craig Reucassel & Nina Oyama team up with everyday Australians in ABC's new quiz.

ABC’s new quiz show Win the Week begins tonight, hosted by Alex Lee.

The news quiz pairs everyday Australians with celebrities.

Each episode will see three teams of two players go head-to-head over four rounds. But team loyalties will be put to the test at the end of each round with a dramatic “Stay or Betray” choice – one Team Captain must decide whether to stay with their celeb teammate or to betray them and swap to a different celeb.

This week:

Andrew Denton is teamed up with:
• Highly competitive game show fanatic
• Loves game shows so much she has own quiz show buzzer to play along at home to improve reflexes because husband said had bad buzzer action.
• Whole life is a competition- even set herself the challenge to meet 50 celebrities by 50

Nina Oyama is teamed up with:
• customer service manager
• Trivia nerd- Loves trivia so much she writes her own trivia for friends and family
• Very sweet and very loyal so the stay and betray moment is a real moment for her, having to betray her values to win

Craig Reucassel is teamed up with:
• American export who works in tech
• canoed the Mississippi River with a friend of mine for 54 days from the top of the US to the bottom.
• Fun and outgoing and enthusiastic- Didn’t even apply for the show, he was put forward by a friend

8pm tonight on ABC.


4 Responses

  1. Light up the fail trail indeed
    This show was rubbish Rating 0/10
    Andrew Denton shame Andrew shame for appearing on such a dud of a show
    Even nerds are cringing at this show

  2. I had been anticipating Win the Week. I found it frenzied and moderately enjoyable. It was slightly HYPBA?-esque and there was a good variety of press sources used. I will likely tune in again next time as it’s only the first episode. It will be interesting to see how the show develops.

  3. This was rubbish. Terrible format that allows for too much tomfoolery. Alex as host was the only thing close to positive for me. Just give us Hard Quiz all year round, please.

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