Airdate: Question Everything

Jan Fran & Wil Anderson are ready to unravel fake stories, false claims, scams, frauds & outright lies.

ABC has announced a new quiz-panel show Question Everything, set to sort fact from fiction.

Hosted by Jan Fran (The Feed, The Project) and Wil Anderson (Spicks and Specks *fact check result: false) the eight-part series is an original format by Anderson and produced by CJZ.

In a world dominated by fake stories, false claims, scams, frauds and outright lies, Question Everything will dissect the news, sort the real from the rumours, separate fact from fiction and flatten conspiracy theories back down to Earth.

It will also feature a revolving panel of “up-and-coming comedians with the occasional big name thrown in too. At least that’s what anonymous sources close to the show tell us.”

Jan Fran says “I cannot wait to get started. Question Everything is our chance to take a microscope to all the misinformation that we are bombarded with every day to see where it starts and how it spreads. At least, that’s a rumour someone sent to me on WhatsApp.”

“I’m excited by the chance to showcase Australia’s best new comedy talent, and also make history as the first comedy news panel show on the ABC. Please don’t fact check that,” adds Wil Anderson.

Nick Hayden, ABC Head of Entertainment says: “I don’t usually trust press releases. They’re spin from the media elites trying to sell you something, wake up sheeple! But Question Everything truly will replace all the fake news in the world with facts. I read that on Facebook.”

Question Everything is the show for anyone who has ever been lied to by the media. So, all of us. It’s also a show for anyone who believes the information and rumours sent to us through social media news feeds, WhatsApp or has had to mute a family member on Facebook. So, all of us.

From the team behind Gruen, Question Everything will give audiences the tools to understand everything they see, read or sometimes share without reading. Viewers will be immunised against fake news, unless they refused to be immunised because they think it’s all a plot by Bill Gates to install 5G in their brain.

Send in your fake news tips or stories to the Question Everything Tip Line: [email protected]

Production credits: Question Everything is an original format created by Wil Anderson. Produced by CJZ. Executive Producers: Wil Anderson, Polly Connolly and Nick Murray. Series Producer: Jess Cohen Cornelius. ABC Executive Producer: Rachel Millar. ABC Head of Entertainment: Nick Hayden.

8.30pm from Wednesday 18 August on ABC.

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