Auditions: Hunted

Could you outsmart intelligence & stay undercover? New reality series is Australia-bound.

Australia is set to get a local edition of reality contest Hunted.

The UK format sees contestants who are instructed to go on the run for 25 days whilst avoiding a team of Hunters composed of former and serving police, intelligence personnel, and on-foot teams.

Endemol Shine Australia is currently open for casting, although it isn’t clear for which network as yet.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on the run from the authorities? What would you do? Who would you trust? In a high-tech world where everything you do is tracked & recorded, could you just vanish without a trace?” a casting notice asks.

“Hunted is the smash hit real life thriller taking the TV world by storm and now it’s coming to Australia.

“In this heart pounding game of cat & mouse, the goal is simple. Outsmart a team of expert trackers to avoid detection and you could win a huge cash prize.

“If you are ready to be part of a thrilling, life changing adventure, either in a team of 2 or on your own…apply for Hunted. Let the chase begin…”

You can apply here.

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  1. Found season 3 of Hunted UK on YouTube and are currently watching. It is funny how people think they are “safe” but get caught pretty quick.

    I enjoyed season 1 & 2 on Amazon Prime.

  2. Interesting concept. I’d suggest ditching the camera crew following you around would help you to stay under the radar, but probably wouldn’t make for good television.

  3. Loved the UK version. Makes you aware that we are very much on the grid than we think. The fact you can be profiled with so much detail is amazing. Makes you want to throw away all electronic devices lol.

  4. I wonder if this will be on 10 as an alternative to The Amazing Race 2022 seeing as though they’d be stuck with another all in Australia season. 10 would certainly know how to stretch out a tightly formatted show into a long-winded multi-night format then throw in some additional contestants to add a few more weeks to the broadcast.

  5. So a kind of scenerio like The Prize of Peril story by Robert Sheckley from 1958 which was also a French Film in 1983 but without the actual killing. Which was really the basis for the 1987 film The Running Man rather than the 1982 Stephen King novel of the same name even hough his name was attached to that film.

    I like the premise, maybe given current circumstances they can try and avoid QR Check-Ins and contact tracing, nah probably be to easy

  6. OMG! I have been waiting for this for years! I’ve watched both the British & the Amerian versions, so I’m so glad Australia is getting their own version! I’m off to complete my application right away!

  7. I really enjoy the UK show, and how we are on the fugitives’ side, even though in real world situations most of us would be on the Hunters’ side. Though the format is really just “The Olympic Hide-and-Seek Final” Monty Python sketch.

  8. Fantastic! Loved the UK version. Will be interesting to see how they do it in Australia as we have a very different geography with smaller and spread out population in regional areas. We also don’t have the level of surveillance cameras that UK has. May have to limit area of play.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Would love an Aussie version, but we don’t have the same high-tech surveillance network for the ‘hunters’ to use, and there would have to be a travel limit (especially if filming during state border closures during Covid!). This format could do very well as a two or three week event run.

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