Auditions: You Can’t Ask That

Got a question on Dementia, Bogans, Juvenile Detention, Gay Men, Porn Performers, Heroin Users or Models?

Season 7 of You Can’t Ask That is now in production and ABC is looking for more participants, as well as more viewer questions.

This time the show will tackle the following subjects: Dementia, Bogans, Juvenile Detention, Gay Men, Porn Performers, Heroin Users, Models, Postnatal Depression, Wrongly Incarcerated, Prescription Drug Addicts, Jewish and Adopted.

If you fit one of the groups and would like to apply or have questions for the above groups go to: https://ab.co/askaquestion

Series Director and Producer, Kirk Docker, said; “People often ask if we make the questions up ourselves, but honestly we could never be that clever. The input from the public is what makes this show. The blunter and more offensive the question, the more fun people have answering them. Because they’ve generally heard them all before – either whispered behind their back or yelled from a passing car – but it’s rare they get to answer them on their own terms.”

The most successful ABC format ever, You Can’t Ask That confronts prejudice and discrimination by offering searing insights into the lives of diverse Australians who live with judgement and scrutiny. By asking only the hard questions (submitted anonymously online) and allowing interviewees to answer in their own words, the series adds new voices, surprising insights, and fresh perspectives to subjects often dismissed.

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  1. I really enjoyed this season and I’m really glad it’s coming back in 2022. These seem like some interesting topics. I might even submit a question or two for some of the categories!

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