Australian Survivor launches strong for 10

Australian Survivor is up on 2020 premiere -and why a coding problem hit Beauty & the Geek.

According to official OzTAM figures, Australian Survivor won its timeslot and topped the demos at 752,000.

That’s an increase on the 624,000 debut for the 2020 All Stars season.

That was ahead of just ahead of Farmer Wants a Wife (709,000 from 7pm) and Grand Designs drew 582,000 at 7:40pm.

However there was a coding issue with Beauty & the Geek which saw OzTAM list at just 434,000. TV Tonight understands that’s an average of both primetime and an arvo replay on 9GO! When the number is adjusted to 776,000 that will put Geek ahead of them all. Oops.

Later 60 Minutes led with 516,000 then Innocent (444,000), and 7News Spotlight (381,000).

Seven network won Sunday with 27.6% then Nine 27.2%, 10 21.3%, ABC 14.9% and SBS 9.0%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.22m. The Latest drew 308,000 then Crime Investigation Australia: Most Infamous (145,000).

Nine News (1.13m) was best for Nine with a late edition drawing 360,000.

The Project was 506,000 / 318,000 for 10. 10 News First was 360,000 / 257,000. FBI managed 262,000 / 164,000.

ABC News was high at 794,000 for ABC. Compass (215,000) and Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders (176,000) followed.

On SBS it was Birth of Empire: The East India Company (219,000), SBS World News (195,000 / 156,000) and Grand Tours of Scotland’s Lochs (114,000). Tour de France was a late one but wrapped with an average of 100,000 across the network.

Coronavirus: Public Update on ABC News led multichannels with a big 359,000 with Sydney leading the pack.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 18 July 2021

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  1. Be interesting to see how Survivor and BATG does next week when the Olympics are front and centre in a favourable timezone for us…or will people not watch? But a great launch for Survivor. It was a good premiere and has a decent cast with a few exceptions but you get that with all reality i think. Some are saying why are they pitting these three shows against each other when its a similar demo well i don’t watch Farmer or BATG so not in that demo.

  2. If they keep advertising their other programs by the (pale, thank god) Ten logo in bright, not opaque, distracting and never-ending manner, I may not be able to continue. It’s my favourite tv show, beautifully filmed – don’t destroy it, Ten.

  3. I don’t know how anyone at all watched the 7news Spotlight. I was interested in the information that was presented, but the way it was filmed was horrible!!! Felt like a horror movie. So dramatic! Graphics, Soundtrack, filming techniques, re-enactments…. Someone was a little too excited when they produced that. I lasted 5 minutes… had to turn it off.

    1. I watched Farmer wants a wife and left the TV on 7 after it finished so caught the first 5 minutes or so of Spotlight. Agree, it was very over the top and it didn’t take me long to change channels.

  4. Why do networks do this though – the audience who like Survivor also probably like Farmer and BATG, yet they program them all against each other. Yes, there’s catch-up but there’s only so many hours in a week to devote to reality TV!

    1. Survivor really is in a different league to trashy dating shows.

      Impressive start. Agree with Gilligan above that obscuring the movie-esque style filming with promos in the bottom right corner should be an absolute no go for Survivor. Here in the UK Amazon have picked up most series lately so I might hold out – and at least know I’ll get to see the full picture if I wait for them.

  5. Loved the first ep of Survivor and agree the scenery is striking. Might make it a good proposition for overseas screenings. Was also impressed with the Paramount+ previews that were shown. Might have to decide which service gets the shop so I can sample Paramount. Two Weeks to Live looks like fun.

  6. Survivor was a perfectly executed debut. It wasn’t too long an episode, there was a graphical and musical refresh that absolutely popped, the casting was great (including a villain that looks set to make Big Brother’s Daniel look like a pussycat) and the photography was incredible, really showing off our own backyard as a formidable environment for this show which has typically relied heavily on seafront locations. This was a phenomenal start for season six!

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